Resin Driveway Sunderland


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Our natural aggregate sourced and manufactured resin driveways will transform your homes driveway.  Not only will a new resin driveway improve your homes kerb appeal it can also add value to your home.

At Paving 4 You we have been improving the properties of our customers in Sunderland and Durham as well as the rest of he North East for over 20 years.

Our resin bonded driveways combine durability and amazing aesthetics, they are also hard wearing and durable.

Bonded resin is not just for driveways we have recently completed a number of jobs for customers in Sunderland and Durham who wanted a resin patio.  We have also made resin pathways for customers in Sunderland and Durham.

All of this work can be viewed in our GALLERY

Resin bonded paths, driveways and patios offer a much more pleasing look and feel to that of gravel.  Also, with a resin there is extraordinarily little maintenance needed to that of a gravel or flag stone driveway.  Once we have installed your resin driveway, patio or pathways they will give you excellent performance for years.

Bonded resin comes in an amazing selection of colours to choose from.  This assortment of colours will allow you to make your property stand out from your neighbours.  One of the most popular colours we do for customers is red, perfect for resin driveways.  It contrast with grass and pops in the daylight.

Have you had problems with your driveway flooding?  In many parts Sunderland and Durham, we have had customers tell us they have.  When flooding happens it can cause driveway, patio and paving problems.  A resin bonded driveway does not allow the water to pool.  It is the same with paths and patios, the water will just run off.


Over the years of working with our customers in Sunderland and the North East we have been able to recognise the benefits of a resin driveway, patio or pathway.  This has allowed us to share with our customers that it is not a matter of how much a resin bonded driveway cost.  Resin driveway cost is relevant to the value you will place upon transforming your home and having a maintenance free driveway, patio or pathway.

As many of our customers in Sunderland and Durham have attested too its more about the following benefits of a resin bonded driveway, patio or pathways.

All of our work is fully guaranteed!

Our workmanship and quality of product we use for our resin driveways is second to none.  Take a look at our gallery and see our feedback on Checkatrade.

There is no loose stones with resin meaning you will have an incredibly quiet and smooth surface.  A resin driveway will not crumble and fall away so you will have a stunning driveway feature for years to come.

Low maintenance resin driveways, patios and pathways ensures you do not have to do anything to them and we even come back and give the work we installed an annual clean.  So apart from a little brush now and then to get the leaves and dust off you might give it a gentle power wash and that is all.

You do not need planning permission to have a new resin driveway patio or pathway fitted in most cases.  Our very experienced team of installers have been working with us in Newcastle for a long time and will advise you.


Perhaps start by taking a look at our gallery and then drop us a line or send us an email.  You can also find us on Facebook.

We are a family business in Sunderland and have been for over 20 years.  When you contact us it will usually be the owner of the business who will help you.

He will answer any initial questions and arrange to give you a FREE no obligation quotation.

If you are happy with the quotation then we will agree a start date and finish date for the new resin driveway, patio or pathway.

Our team of expert installers will arrive and commence the process the process of transforming your home or garden for you.